Digital Lead for JPAC / ASIA Region

Rolle: Demand / Project Manager

01/2024 - Heute


  • Provide guidance and support to Digital Property Business Owners (BO) and Digital Supervisors (DS) through Portfolio Approval process and overall Governance Model
  • Engage with DPBOs early in the process and provide all necessary resources (e.g. existing DPR Trainings) to ensure all processes are outlined and to establish partnership and a DPR-first mindset.
  • Mitigate agency driven projects and align to digital strategies of Design Guidelines in collaboration with and supported by Digital Commerce.
  • Actively seek improvements to xGBU DPR Governance in close collaboration with BOs, DSs, OC & Medical Leads, Digital Commerce

Strategy & KPIs

  • Challenge business case on new websites in alignment with digital strategies including AI based solutions, Campus positioning, and approving with measurable KPIs
  • Review new Regional DPRs and align with DPR Governance team on Global strategies to support the Web Optimization Initiative in reducing non-strategic DPRs.
  • Establish KPI mindset, support KPIs definition based on existing framework, ensure all necessary information is captured before review especially measurable KPIs and Portfolio Approval Checklist
  • Reinforce web assets governance by aligning and monitoring KPIs to drive prioritization
  • Analyze web inventory and include KPIs for new coming assets and eventually all existing web assets

Web Delivery

  • Self train on platform capabilities based on high-level knowledge of AI based Software components
  • Coordinate with POD Teams and Digital Commerce Team to effectively assign website deliveries. Support POD Lead throughout duration of delivery

DPR Portfolio Ownership

  • Improve the quality of GBU’s DPR Portfolio upon every DP Request leveraging the Governance model and Strategy defined above.
  • Participate in different simplification exercises aiming to improve the data quality of the Portfolio, specifically updating DP status, and to optimize the amount of initiatives that GBUs are carrying out.
  • Monitor website performance, actively on new requests and passively on existing requests, upon the KPIs described on each DPR. Analyze if underperforming initiatives may be supported and brought back on track, or if they should be challenged and closed

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